Weekly Feminist Reader

The Kaiser Report rounds up some good tidbits of information about Plan B availability, including which major pharmacies have pledged to stock it. (Safeway won’t release its policy.)
Laura Kipnis and Daphne Merkin debate The Female Thing.
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in trouble for attending an event at which un-veiled women danced.
Big Pharma is withholding an important herpes medication from poor women.
Why the “Brokeback marriage” label is harmful to “mixed-orientation” couples.
How to address the issue of the shrinking number of abortion providers? Train nurse-midwives to perform the procedure.
Australia moves to regulate crisis-pregnancy centers.
A detailed look at the women of Hamas.
Milan fashion week follows Madrid’s lead and moves toward banning super-skinny models.
Ohio legislators are trying to push through a few last-minute anti-choice bills.
A 13-year-old Utah girl is on trial as both the victim and perpetrator for having sex with her 12-year-old boyfriend.
A new report laments the state of women’s rights in the Arab world.
Where not to buy holiday gifts this year: Discovery Channel, where the merch is divided by gender (via Lindsay).
Nigerian women demand political inclusion.
News of Mary Cheney’s pregnancy (shockingly!) causes a political stir. More at MoJo Blog. And the Guardian says of course lesbians make great mothers.

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