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The Kaiser Report rounds up some good tidbits of information about Plan B availability, including which major pharmacies have pledged to stock it. (Safeway won’t release its policy.)
Laura Kipnis and Daphne Merkin debate The Female Thing.
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in trouble for attending an event at which un-veiled women danced.
Big Pharma is withholding an important herpes medication from poor women.
Why the “Brokeback marriage” label is harmful to “mixed-orientation” couples.
How to address the issue of the shrinking number of abortion providers? Train nurse-midwives to perform the procedure.
Australia moves to regulate crisis-pregnancy centers.
A detailed look at the women of Hamas.
Milan fashion week follows Madrid’s lead and moves toward banning super-skinny models.
Ohio legislators are trying to push through a few last-minute anti-choice bills.
A 13-year-old Utah girl is on trial as both the victim and perpetrator for having sex with her 12-year-old boyfriend.
A new report laments the state of women’s rights in the Arab world.
Where not to buy holiday gifts this year: Discovery Channel, where the merch is divided by gender (via Lindsay).
Nigerian women demand political inclusion.
News of Mary Cheney’s pregnancy (shockingly!) causes a political stir. More at MoJo Blog. And the Guardian says of course lesbians make great mothers.

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  • http://www.pilesofrock.com becca

    Well, at least the Discovery store actually has some things that encourage girls to do science and experiments… better than the Toys R Us which I just finished a disappointing shopping trip.

  • trickybird

    Becca – I think the fact that the only real difference between the two categories is that the girls section has a Nail Salon and sewing machine makes it even more disturbing. They could have easily made it all one “Ages 8-12″ section, but they just could NOT bring themselves to suggest a boy might have an interest in sewing? Pathetic. I wrote them an email, but I doubt it’ll do anything. :|

  • http://www.annaoverseas.com Anna

    I’m a bit disturbed by the anti-parenting rant in the Guardian article about Mary Cheny. There’s this implication I’m reading that it’s anti-feminist to be a parent. Is that just me?

  • http://www.catswym.blogspot.com catswym

    that discovery gift site makes me outrageously angry.
    the girls is all: nails, jewelry, and sewing and PINK!!
    they never even suggest the science experimenty gifts that are on the front line of the boys section.

  • http://www.pilesofrock.com becca

    I couldn’t even figure out why the Discovery store carries nail painting kits. However, the first page of the 8-12 girls section also includes night sky astronomy kits, rock tumblers, and a finger print lab; the 5-7 girls includes bug kits, “moon in my room”, and early science kits. I think there’s at least something to applaud that the store is saying these are “girl’s toys.” The next step is for them to suggest that sewing could be a “boy’s toy.”
    At least the Discovery store is making an effort to market science toys to girls which is better than most toy stores (again, I repeat, have you walked in a Toys R Us lately??). I’m not saying they are there yet, but I am suggesting that Discovery store is probably not the worst offender.

  • EG

    I gotta say, this Utah prosecution is the dumbest thing I’ve heard of in a while. I don’t think there’s a 13-year-old, let alone a 12-year-old out there who’s old enough to have sex, but nor do I think that prosecuting children for engaging in consensual sexual exploration with their age-mates is acceptable. My question: the article says this girl became pregnant. What’s going to happen vis-a-vis that?

  • choiceonearth

    Wow, the story about the Nigerian woman candidate featured in the linked article was really inspiring. Yes, she and other candidates are being cheated and intimidated, but damn, she saw a dude get hacked to death with a machete at the election and she’s still protesting it?! That takes ovaries, man!