We Got Issues! Q&A on WireTap

If you have the time, check out my interview with Rha Goddess and JLove Calderon, editors of We Got Issues! A Young Woman’s Guide to a Bold, Courageous and Empowered Life. They have lots of powerful things to say. Happy Thursday!

UPDATE (Jessica):
Hey, just wanted to say that I just started reading this book and it’s fucking awesome. I’m planning on doing a full review, but just wanted to sing it’s praises here as well.

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  • Taisa-Marie

    I love the points they make about young women of color and how they don’t really see the word ‘feminism’ at thier issue, but a white one. I can’t begin to tell you how much I would want many of my freshmen (college) girls to read this book.There are so many that I wish could/would stand up for themselves, although I know it is not that simple. One girl came up to me Monday and told me she could no longer meet with her group outside of class. When I asked her why, thinking it was some issue with the group, she said that she had come home late (8:30pm) from being out with her friends, and now she was only allowed to go out when not actually in class with her married sisters. I am still taking this one in, but I told her I’d give them a bit more time in class and that they could use email to help suppliment thier time needed to work together instead of the required out of class meetings. I was floored, I didn’t know what else to say.

  • http://antiessentialistspeaksup.wordpress.com/ sylviasrevenge

    I’m going to look for this book, and I really enjoyed reading that interview. I also found this book and interview incredibly ironic when comparing it to the unveiling of the cover of Jessica’s book. Thanks for sharing.

  • Phi

    Hearing a story like yours Taisa-Marie just makes my skin crawl and my soul fill up with dread. Coming from a colored background and traditional family I’ve seen it before (my parents weren’t that strict but I had to butt heads with them on some things similarly but my sister and I stuck with it and got our way in the ending). I’ve seen it in my community and it frustrates me. These people really think that they are “protecting” their girls (from what I’d love to know) when really they are sabotaging their future in a grave way. I really want to ask them why they bothered coming to a society like this and then impose such a rigid social structure on their girls. What annoys me are the women who don’t question – who have no interest in any form of independence or self-actualization. They make it more difficult for those who create a stance. I’m fortunate I had my sister to take a stand against things like this. This poor girl sounds like she has no one.

  • Taisa-Marie

    Phi- I had a friend, who I am sad to say fell into the ‘We are protecting you’ trap. Her parents controlled her every move and was 22. She didn’t have a drivers license, was rarely allowed out with friends (she had seen her best friend who she’d known since she was 5, about three times in the previous year), and she was expected to watch her niece anytime even if it meant skipping class.Well, long story short she moved out for a bit, got back together with a verbally abusive boyfriend (ie, she would be crying about what he’d say to her every other day, call her constantly to see where she was), the only one she ever had (because women are nothing in thier culture without a man to represent them), her parents found out she slept with him and then just like before, promised her gifts and such if she did what they wanted her to do, get married. So she is now ‘planning’ her wedding (she only gets to pick colors) and is going on and on about how they are giving her all this stuff.*sighs* I know half my freshmen girls will end up like her. Many of thier parents are only humoring that they go to college (many got accepted into much better universities, not that mine is bad, but in one case a full ride at Stanford vs. no scholarship at the state university down the road) so they can find a man that will support them. It’s been killer on me emotionally this semester, I am *almost* glad I am not teaching this next semester.

  • Phi

    That is sad Taisa-Marie. I have a cousin just like that. I’m not sure what her potential is but she all she was ever interested in was getting married. She did get her wish but i see her being depressed eventually about her choices because she was sheltered so much that she’s not exposed to the realities of real life out there. But what can you do really? Like you, i find it hard to watch.