Lame duck congress feels your fetal pain

You’ve gotta love it when the National Catholic Register says “the future looks grim” for anti-choice legislation. The antis are worried that a Democratic congress won’t support riders such as the disastrous Hyde Amendment, which eliminated Medicaid funding for abortion. I think that’s unlikely to happen. But they also say the more pro-choice congress will increase Title X family planning funds, which is well within the realm of possibility. Wheeee!
Until then, the lame-duck congress will be trying to push through a few more anti-choice bills. Specifically the ridiculous and scientifically unsupported fetal pain legislation:

Abortion providers would be required to inform the mothers that evidence exists that the procedure would cause pain to the child [and offer the mothers anesthesia for the baby. The mothers would accept or reject the anesthesia by signing a form.

The legislation would require the consent form after 20 weeks gestation. But research shows it’s highly unlikely the fetus could feel anything before the 28th week, by which time abortion is illegal, anyway. And it’s worth mentioning again that, on top of being based on junk science, the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act defines a woman as a “female human being who is capable of becoming pregnant.” Shudder.

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