HHS standing by Keroack

The Kaiser Network reports that the Department of Health and Human Services is standing by their man Eric Keroack. You know, the “doctor� who likes cartoons but thinks birth control is icky.

Christina Pearson, spokesperson for HHS’ Office of Population Affairs and Administration for Children and Families, said Keroack is not opposed to birth control…
Keroack “has expressed to us that he will fulfill his programmatic responsibilities in accordance with the law, and we believe him,” Pearson said, adding that Keroack’s work for A Women’s Concern accounted for only 20% of his time and involved providing ultrasound examinations to pregnant women and not counseling to women who were not pregnant.

Yeah, somehow that doesn’t make me feel better. By the way, Kaiser has an amazing roundup of editorials and opinion pieces on Keroack. Check them out.

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