Best. Auction. Ever.

This is amazing. The Center for New Words (home of WAM!) is holding a benefit online celebrity auction.
Some of the items up for bidding:
Katha Pollitt edits your manuscript
Novelist Thisbe Nissen names a character in her next book after you
Former Head Writer for Six Feet Under Jill Soloway edits your script
A shooting script from SCRUBS, signed by all the lead cast members
Legendary cartoonist Jennifer Camper designs your tattoo
An evening of conversation with Cynthia Enloe
A signed limited edition broadside from Margaret Atwood
Hot shit. Go start bidding!

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  • dana

    I definitely want to go to the movies with Lisa Jervis! What cool auctions, I really wish I had some money to bid.

  • Frau Direktor

    Speaking of writing–especially women writing, take a look at the following link for an up-close look at male entitlement in the screenwriting industry:
    It’s….interesting, to say the least.
    As far as the auction, I wish I had some mad bank. *sigh*

  • Alon Levy

    I’d bid for Katha Pollitt, but it’s too fucking scary.

  • oudemia

    I want Katha Pollitt to edit my dissertation!
    I think someone told me that she has an MA in my field, too (classics). And my thesis is about gender and agency — so really I think it was meant to be. Too bad I’m broke.

  • Alon Levy

    And her editing is limited to five pages.

  • AndYnot?

    George Micheals’ old band is having an auction? Who knew they were still together?
    (Hey, someone had to go there…)

  • oudemia

    See? This is what I get for not clicking the link.

  • Mikhaela

    Hey, don’t forget you can also win an original Mikhaela cartoon!

  • Jessica

    sorry lady, didn’t realize i left you out!

  • sunzheng
  • GamesOnline

    I’d bid for Katha online games