Divorced women get ill.

That is right, you heard it. If you get divorced, not only do you lose your piece of the heteronormativity pie, but you also become mentally ill. Sometimes, I wonder if these people write in a bubble of reality that has yet to be touched by feminist scholarship.
Anyway, according to this study, women that get divorced suffer long-term mental health problems. The problem here of course being that they are now single, not that we live in a society that doesn’t support single women, especially older ones. I don’t doubt that these findings are true, I am just wondering why they are true.

The study, spanning 10 years, focused on what happens to rural women’s health after their marriage ends, compared with women who stay married, said Fred Lorenz, who co-authored the report.
“What we found was that the act of getting a divorce produced no immediate effects on (physical) health, but it did have effects on mental health,” Lorenz said. “Ten years later, those effects on mental health led to effects in physical health.”
The findings came from data gathered from rural Iowa women who were interviewed three times in the early 1990s, and again in 2001. All 416 women interviewed were the mothers of adolescent children when the study began. Among them, 102 women were recently divorced.

Furthermore, if you get remarried, you are less likely to suffer these problems. Furthermore, they found that divorce had long-term physical health effects but they do in fact recognize the role of finances in the maintenance of health. Poor, mentally ill, physically ill, with child and SINGLE.
Is marriage our only solution here?

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