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TweetIn one of the first U.S. prosecutions for female genital mutilation, an African immigrant faces trial for circumcising his daughter. South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds calls emergency contraception an “exception” to the state’s abortion ban… then says he misspoke. Dahlia Lithwick explains why the New Jersey gay marriage decision isn’t judicial activism. SCOTUSblog talks to [...]
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Katherine Arnoldi: Fighting for Teen Moms

Tweet Katherine Arnoldi wrote her first article about equal rights for teen moms in a magazine called Hard Labor in 1976. She has won numerous literary awards since then. And her graphic novel, The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom, published in 1998, was named one of the top ten books of the [...]
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Unveiled women are like uncovered meat.

TweetYeah someone actually said that. Specifically, a senior Australian Muslim cleric. A senior Australian Muslim cleric triggered national outrage today for likening women who dress immodestly to meat that is left out for prey to eat. Sheik Taj Aldin al Hilali’s spokesman said the cleric’s comments in a sermon last month to mark the Islamic [...]
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Curbing harassment by standardizing underwear

TweetIn an effort to curb sexual harassment, a city in British Columbia is requiring all of its firefighters to wear boxers rather than briefs. In the wake of harassment allegations from four female firefighters, the department didn’t respond by committing to hiring a critical mass of women, working to change firehouse culture, or instating strict [...]
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Fat girlfriends?

TweetI don’t know what to make of this exactly, but I don’t like it. Men come here and put up pictures of their girlfriends and wives that they feel have gotten *fat.* I think it just adds to the wealth of media and knowlegde production dedicated to the hatred of fat people. Do we really [...]
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