MD Court: Women can’t say no after sex has started

This is perhaps one of the scariest rulings I’ve ever seen:

An appellate court said Maryland’s rape law is clear — no doesn’t mean no when it follows a yes and intercourse has begun.
A three-judge panel of the Court of Special Appeals Monday threw out a rape conviction saying that a trial judge in Montgomery County erred when he refused to answer the jury’s question on that very point.
The appeals court said that when the jury asked the trial judge if a woman could withdraw her consent after the start of sex, the jury should have been told she could not. The ruling said the law is not ambiguous and is a tenet of common-law.

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit.
So ladies, once it’s in, it’s in. Ain’t nothing you can do about it. Changed your mind? Suck it up. He’s hurting you? Oh, sorry–should have thought of that before. After all, it’s not like your body is yours or anything. Jeez.
UPDATE: A reader sent us the Maryland decision; check it out.

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