Great South Dakota Ad

Napoli’s stupidity comes back to bite him in the ass.

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  • blogjunkie

    Great ad except for one thing – the use of the phrase “mother’s health” when talking about the lack of exceptions. Um, unless the woman already has born children, she is not a “mother.” It should be “this law has no exceptions for the woman’s health.”
    With that said, I leave for SD tomorrow to help the Campaign for Healthy Families! Can’t wait!

  • 21stCenturyMom

    That was pretty good but I wish the woman had said, “So if you are getting in your car some night and you are jumped and raped, according to Bill Napoli that’s no big deal” or something like that to point out the grotesque fallacy in his statement just a little louder.
    At least they have an ad, though. Hooray!

  • 21stCenturyMom

    oosp – I meant “get raped and get pregnant”

  • meesh

    That ad just makes my skin crawl. The way that man stands there and calmly describes the brutallity he would require a woman to 1. go through and 2. recount to a stranger at a medical clinic in order to be eligible for an abortion is just twisted. I’m glad they are getting the message out about what the extremists really mean by “exceptions”, though. Ugh.

  • FuriousFemale

    So let me get this straight, and anyone feel free to correct me on this one, but according to this putz only “brutally raped” religious virgins who were planning on saving themselves for marriage are the only ones that could possibly be considered eligible for an abortion under this law?
    And his definition of being “messed up”..has this guy ever heard of the mounds of research on PTSD in rape victims?

  • Kyra

    Religious and planning on saving herself for marriage, huh.
    This has probably been said before, but isn’t there some sort of “equal protection under the law” guaranteed in South Dakota like it is in the rest of the country?
    And what if she’s a married woman who did “save herself for marriage,” but that was before the rape?
    And, jeez, I have to wonder, why do I get the idea that by “religious” he means “Christian or possibly Jewish?”
    Oh—FuriousFemale, that’s his criteria for abortion for anyone who’s not in imminent physical danger of dying to get an abortion. I believe someone asked him about mental trauma qualifying someone for an abortion.

  • pdrydia

    “Napoli’s stupidity comes back to bite him in the ass.”
    Good. Bite well and hard, Stupidity.