Leotards will get a girl in trouble.

A New York high school principal forced three female students to leave school last week because they were wearing beige leotards. I kid you not.
On Long Beach High School’s Superhero Day, the students came to school dressed up as Captain Underpants, an extremely popular children’s book character. Because his garb is just underpants and a red cape, the girls wore beige leotards and nude stocking under white briefs and red capes.
‘Yes, I know they weren’t naked,” said Principal Nicholas Restivo, “But the appearance was that they were naked.”
Um, but they weren’t. Would male students would have been kicked out for wearing the same thing? Regardless of that answer, Captain Underpants is a humorous character and, if anything, the costume sounded funny, not revealing or inappropriate.
Is it just me, or is this principal unecessarily sexualizing these girls for wearing a comical costume?

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