A Real Hot winner indeed.

Check out this interview in The Washington Post with one of the Real Hot 100 of 2006, Holly Shulman.
Shulman is the founder of Vote Against Violence, a political action committee which addresses domestic and sexual violence. Did I mention she’s only 23?
Congratulations, Hottie Holly!

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  • louisianagirl

    This is off topic, but I thought everyone here would be very interested in the following:
    a woman who trivilizes rape in order to win an election
    My diaries on the topic can be found here and here.
    I hope you are doing well.

  • louisianagirl

    We need activists such as Holly Schulman, especially when we have women trivializing rape in order to win political campaigns. A Republican, Delores Brewer compares her Democratic opponent’s attempts to ask her about policy to the attacks of her rapist. It is frankly disgusting. She is running for Mayor of Alexandria, Louisiana. I have a diary up here on the topic.