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Pic from xhuglifex.

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  • kreepyk

    I don’t know what is worse:
    (a) promoting the culture of fear by implying that you are likely to be raped by a stranger,
    (b) implying crime can be solved with handguns.
    Le Sigh.

  • Putzi

    Well that commenter’s opinion and my opinion are just two very different opinions. Rapists go after women for the same reason countries start wars: Because they think they can win. Women, with exceptions, aren’t as strong as men. However, guns should make that irrelevant.

  • sylviasrevenge

    I understand what the picture’s conveying: empowered women are in the best position to protect themselves in situations of rape. But a gun is not necessarily the best empowering factor. The power differential in rape does not need to be shifted; it needs to be eliminated.

  • noname

    I see the point, but I don’t think more guns on the street will make anyone safer. There are better ways to protect oneself from rape than to play into the hands of the NRA. How about mace, or stun guns?
    Aesthetically, the art work rocks, I just don’t agree that more guns are the answer.

  • Heraclitus

    I’m torn. On the one hand, I like the idea of women pulling out big ol’ guns and blowing away would-be rapists. On the other hand, it’s probably not a good idea to encourage a “shoot first, ask questions later” approach to self-defense, and in practice I don’t know how you could ensure that only bad guys get wasted, rather than random dudes who walk too close or come up to ask for directions. More seriously, it’s actually quite difficult to shoot someone, and various studies have been done showing the methods modern armies use to eradicate that basic aversion. I’m not sure that the faceless, robotic killing maching, which is what the artwork conveys to me (the doves in the background notwithstanding), should be the feminist ideal.
    And, of course, it’s distressing to see not only that sexual violence remains a major problem but that women regard the police as worthless or as uninterested in trying to stop it.

  • Not true

    Generally when one carries a weapon, there is actually more danger that it will be used against you.
    Why the hell is America so gun-happy … honestly you people are nuts, bona fide certifiably insane.

  • kristin jane

    I have to say that I am a bit torn as well. I do think that America is gun-crazy and I am against the NRA and rampant gun ownership, but I also find the artwork empowering. Looking at it I feel a swell of “Fuck yeah!” rising in my chest. As angry as I am at the NRA, I am angrier at men who have raped or think it’s okay to rape or who joke about raping women. I don’t think that guns are necessarily the answer or that anyone should die, but I do like looking at the picture… Maybe it should be a guilty pleasure but it makes me feel good.
    However, I do agree with ‘kreepyk’ that it portrays rape as something that is predominantly committed by randoms in dark alleys instead of by male acquaintances, friends, lovers, or family members, which is a problem.
    Oh and I just have to say that I really don’t agree with the sentiment that women who arm themselves against sexual assault are likely to shoot some innocent guy asking for directions. Accidents involving firearms do happen, but to say that it is probable that a woman is going to shoot a guy who walks too close is a little much, and somewhat offensive.

  • Heraclitus

    Kristin, I was only joking when I suggested that women might start blowing away all kinds of random mofos. I was just trying to balance my cartoonish celebration of gun violence with an equally cartoonish warning about the dangers of Dirty Harryism.

  • kristin jane

    Clit, may I call you clit? There was a part of me that figured you were probably joking, but of course I got a little fired up and the humor was momentarily lost on me. Actually I really appreciate both of your posts.

  • Vervain

    I hate guns. What’s overlooked in “you can’t rape a .38″ is the underlying, “but if it’s taken from you, you can be raped AND shot.”
    There’s also the fact that if a woman foils a rapist by shooting him, she’ll likely end up in jail (while he goes free) because murder or attempted murder is considered a more serious crime than attempted rape. In fact I’m not sure attempted rape is taken all that seriously by the police–they probably say there’s no physical evidence, pull out the he said/she said card, and shrug it off.
    So even if you carry a gun and successfully fend off a rapist with it, you might avoid being raped but subject yourself to other badness, like jail time. Me, I want a better alternative than that.

  • Hype

    I really liked the art. But I don’t want to be jumping on the NRA bandwagon either! I wish that the art had been a pic of a woman doing a nice high roundhouse kick with the slogan: You can’t rape a roundhouse kick! Of course, that has it’s problems too but being a martial artist, I’m a little biased!

  • Nicole

    In my country we’re not allowed guns, but the same idea of ‘cary a weapon as self defence’ idea is endorsed in teen gangs. You might hear about all the knife crime on the news… the entire idea of ‘protection weapons’ is a big problem here.
    If I know that I have to walk home late through a bad area I carry pepper spray and a siren alarm, because if I pepper spray someone in the face and I’m wrong about their intention then there is less damage done.