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Lots of linky goodness this week!
Will Saletan once again mistakenly believes the anti-abortion movement will support broader access to contraception.
The Seattle Times seems shocked that straight dudes are into Project Runway, too. (Thanks to straight-dude and Runway fan Darin for the link…)
Apparently 30-year-old women only like fluffy news. This from a 31-year-old woman… who works for US Weekly. Yeah.
The Washington Post profiles the horrendous, anti-sex Kansas AG, Phill Kline.
A new book speculates that maybe the ranks of nuns are declining because women these days are less likely to put up with patriarchal institutions like the Catholic church.
Shockingly, early abortions are hard for many women to obtain! A new article in the journal Contraception examines some of the reasons.
In the latest issue of Bust, Amy Poehler asks us all to grow our bushes out tall, wide and proud. Literally and metaphorically.
The Boston Globe fact-checks statistics on how men and women use language.
A group of scientists has gotten together to support political candidates who believe science should trump ideology.
Soldier Suzanne Swift, who went AWOL because she was sexually harassed, has been charged.
An Ohio judge strikes down a law that restricts how doctors can provide the abortion pill Mifeprex (commonly known by its French name, RU-486).
If the Democrats retake the House in November, it would mean significantly more women in positions of power in Congress.
The New Republic assigns a “strategic assessment of the Mommy Wars” to James Wolcott, a childless dude. He proceeds to be condescending toward women on all sides of the issue. The piece is titled “Meow Mix,” clearly because this isn’t a complicated debate wrapped up in class, education, power, and feminist issues. Nope, it’s a catfight.
Teen pregnancies are still on the way down. Experts with the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy say it’s due to comprehensive sex ed and increased contraception use. Conservatives conflate comprehensive sex ed with abstinence-only, and claim their medically inaccurate, stereotype-packed programs are to be credited for the decline.
The Governator signs a bill to ensure the personal contact information of abortion providers isn’t made public.
Trojan gives universities a grade based on how accessible they make sexual health information and services.
“Model minority” pressures are driving young Asian women to attempt suicide.
Rebecca Traister takes NOW to task for their support of Jeanine Pirro.

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