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We’re not all blessed with the genitalia it takes to succeed

Tweet Isn’t it amazing when articles in the Onion look exactly like the ones that appear in mainstream media outlets? Look for Forbes to reprint this column next week. Tweet
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Prudie Logic 101

TweetAcceptable behavior in a mate: Cheating with a prostitute. Unacceptable behavior: Smoking. Tweet
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You know you love this shit

TweetYet another fabulous female from Saturday morning cartoons of the 80s. Random: When Vanessa and I used to play, she would insist that only she could be She-Ra since she was the one with the blonde hair. Bitch. Tweet
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Women diet to size zero for TV show

TweetThat sounds fun. Ugh. Britain’s Channel 4 will show “Super-Skinny Me: The Race to Size Zero” early next year, as a group of female journalists film their attempts to drop to a size 2, equivalent to a U.S. size 00. “This documentary will highlight the dangers of aiming for a super-skinny look, and expose the [...]
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Insert fingering joke here.

TweetA new study says that the length of a woman’s ring finger “could be an easy way to tell if she has future sports potential.” Obviously. Researchers at King’s College London conducted a study of 607 adult female twins in the U.K., comparing finger measurements with a woman’s achievements in sports. They found that women [...]
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