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Yet another fabulous female from Saturday morning cartoons of the 80s. Random: When Vanessa and I used to play, she would insist that only she could be She-Ra since she was the one with the blonde hair. Bitch.

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  • John

    Had to LOL at that one, Jessica.
    Is it okay for me to say that Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman used to give me a prepubescent hard-on? I hope so, because I have a postpubescent hard-on now that these images are dancing through my middle-aged gray matter.
    Look out honey, I ain’t needin’ Viagra tonight!

  • liontamer

    Actually when I watched it again in college it began to really bug me that she fought for the honor of greyskull while heman got to just use the power.

  • Vervain

    I actually remember disliking this show as a kid because it was sexist. (I got on the feminism bandwagon pretty early, lol)
    If you watched both shows the differences were really noticable.
    She-Ra always seemed to opt to heal or make friends with the monsters, whereas He-Man just kicked their asses.
    Even the transformation scene played in every episode had noticeable differences: The beam of light that transforms her horsie comes from the GEM on the sword–He-Man gets to *point* his. And speaking of her sword, what’s with the tender look she gives it? Like, I’m never going to actually use this, but wow, it’s really shiny! I can even see myself! Does my hair look ok..? *eyeroll*
    And her transformation is also a lot more, er…sparkly. Why?

  • hendmik

    liontamer you beat me to it. Dammit!
    But given the choice, I think I’d rather have the honor than the power. One is earned while the other is taken.
    I can’t be too belittling of the show. I watched The Super Friends, V (which I still have a soft spot for), CHiPs, GI Joe, and I even think I was Luke Duke for Halloween one year. Oh the shame.

  • kmtberry

    Recently a commenter on MY blog told me I am her “SHe-Ro”. It got me to thinkin’ about She-Ra. Was her name ORIGINALLY to ne “She-Ro”?!?!?
    It only makes sense! He-Man and She-Ro. They both MEAN something. I bet you anything someone dumbed it down to “She-Ra” so little girls wouldn’t ge the idea that they can be She-Roes.
    They can never take Nancy Drew away from us though. I will never forget that little girl who was kidnapped (destined for raping and murder) and locked in the trunk of the abduction car, and she got out by being very inventive and getting the tail-light out from the inside, and waving her hand out until someone (driving BEHIND the abduction car) called the cops.
    She reported that she had been terrified, but had thought: “What would Nancy Drew do?”
    Now THAT”S a SHe-Ro !!

  • Disgruntled Ladye

    While She-Ra wasn’t as kickass as He-Man, I have to say that I never noticed the differences as a kid. Compared to the other popular female icons, such as Barbie, She-Ra rocked!

  • nervous_aesthete

    Vervain, I agree that She-Ra isn’t absolutely perfect, but when I was growing up in the 80s, I saw a powerful woman in armour with a massive sword, and the power to wield it, and I loved that! Seeing this almost made me shed a little tear. I saw the look she gave her sword, and I read it as a look of power- look at this sword, and look what I can do with it. Nothing to do with hair for me. At the time I drew strength from She-Ra, and I think I still do a little. It was important for me as a child to see a woman in the warrior hero role.

  • Jane

    Princess of Power!
    God dam I loved her! Since my little brothers were still littler than me when they played He-Man, She-Ra kicked butt at our house.
    I had totally forgotten about it! What was the name of the woman who was He-Man’s friend? The chic with the red hair?? As a kid, I liked her too. I thought she was a lot smarter than He-Man.
    I have a huge nostalgia thing going on at my house right now because my 5-year old daughter is going to be Wonder Woman!! for Halloween. I did a little happy dance when she picked Wonder Woman over the barbie-princess-mermaid-fairy (thank god) that she dresses up as all the time.
    I found the Wonder Woman!! theme song on You Tube and have been playing it for her over and over…..Wonder Woman!! Doo doot-doot-doot-doo! Fight the Axis powers, something, something, something, save our lives and save the world!! Wonder Woman!!! (She, my kid, strikes a pose with one fist in the air and the other hand on her hip and yells like a banshee with a big, mean, scary face!)
    We’ve made bracelets and headbands out of aluminum foil. (They still stop pretend bullets quite well. And amazingly can be sized for 5 year-olds and mommies!) We are considering painting a jump rope gold so that we can terrorize her older sister with the Lasso of Truth. Although her sister is considering a Hawkgirl costume (eh, wasn’t my fav but she’s okay) so that she can defend herself against the Amazon princess. The girls are transfixed with my stories about Amazon warrior women and their ruling sovereign Queen. We’ve had a long, long talk about how Lynda Carter was the only **real** Wonder Woman!! and the new Justice League cartoons have it all wrong. Wonder Woman!! doesn’t fly like Superman, she has an Ultra Cool Invisible Jet (WAAAAYY cooler than the Batmoblie.) Speaking of stuff on You Tube did you remember that a VERY, very young Debra Winger played Princess Diana’s cool younger sister, Wonder Girl!??! Until I saw the clip I didn’t. I wonder if Roseanna Arquette knew when she made that documentary …something like Searching for Debra Winger??
    Has anyone heard anything about a new Wonder Woman!! movie being made? (Supposedly.) I am TERRIFIED that they are going to fuck it up bad by not paying attention to the casting. I mean look at what they did to the Dukes of Hazzard!! for Christ’s sake! (Jessica Simwhuevhar as Daisy Duke? Come on! Wasn’t there a reunion show or an end of season long episode where Daisy comes back from college and is working on her Ph.D. in Biology or something? Jessica couldn’t pull that off with an acting coach. The people who remade the Dukes of Hazzard movie just didn’t get it. Luke was not only just as cute as Bo but ten times more interesting because he was so clever. Maybe they only watched the episodes with the cousins??)
    I don’t know why this is so important too me but I just want to say I’m going to boycott any new movie where Wonder Woman!! doesn’t have a big old butt just like Lynda Carter’s perfect, ample derrière.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane that I might have forgotten to take!

  • Tom Head

    I heard Joss Whedon is writing Wonder Woman, so at least the script should be good. Casting…eh. Probably Jessica Alba or someone like that.
    I never got Wonder Woman as a kid because I knew about the Greek mythology before I knew about the comic book, but as I’ve gotten older my ability to suspend disbelief has actually increased and now I get a kick out of the whole idea.
    All I remember about She-Ra is Dad, who thought he was Tom Lehrer (and sometimes came close), walking through the kitchen quietly singing “She-Ra, princess of power, really needs a shower, smells worse by the hour…” Oh, and how my niece got to be She-Ra that halloween that I got to be He-Man. Otherwise, mainly a blank.
    I vaguely remember feeling like He-Man was wussier than She-Ra because She-Ra looked like the Sorceress and I assumed that she had magic powers and stuff, but the television show never interested me much because of the wussy conflict resolution. Now I’d probably be impressed by the generally nonviolent attitude of the whole thing, but back then I wanted to see a good fight.
    ThunderCats was more my speed, generally. Never could figure out why, after being nekkid on the ship (with no genitalia, mind you), they started wearing leotards after they crashed down on the planet.
    I would have had a hard time buying any of the Dukes as future Ph.D.’s in biology, but Daisy was visibly the smartest of the bunch and I was mortified when I found out Jessica Simpson was going to play her. But then that whole plot was pretty dreadful, too.
    They do win points from me for some of their other casting–the Duke boys were well-casted, Willie Nelson was born to play Uncle Jessie, and Burt Reynolds was quite possibly the best possible choice for a meaner, more diabolical Boss Hogg (in the mold of “if you can’t improve on the original, go in a completely different direction”), but the writing was just dreadful.
    The Dukes of Hazzard was a really weird concept anyway, because it was never clearly established why the Duke boys stayed in trouble. I mean, help me out, here: You have corrupt Southern police officers who hate a family for mysterious reasons…and the family’s white? That would have been a perfect opportunity to write a show with black leads at a time when there weren’t many.

  • lieinveigleobfuscate

    Oy! Empowering though it may have been to some, She-Ra was another example of the crappy toy-company sponsored animation that always seems to come about when the Republicans are squeezing the economy. I miss The Tick.