We’re not all blessed with the genitalia it takes to succeed

Isn’t it amazing when articles in the Onion look exactly like the ones that appear in mainstream media outlets? Look for Forbes to reprint this column next week.

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  • Robyn Banks

    I like the part where he says, “Don’t shoot the messenger. I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them with my behavior.”

  • http://lawfairy.blogspot.com The Law Fairy

    This article cracked me up — I actually sent it to some of my girlfriends the other day.
    This is interesting, though: when I sent the article to my girlfriends, it originally referred at the end to an *XX* pairing, not XY. I thought that the Onion was trying to be not just funny, but super-clever by turning the tables at the end to expose, even to neanderthals, how simply ridiculous it is to think that chromosomal pairing is what makes you good at Z line of work. It was also funny because it flipped things around — just like you have women who actually go around spouting nonsense like “women can’t do this, this is something for men to do” and here you had a man saying only women were good at business. Super, super clever, if that’s what they’d actually done.
    And, no, this wasn’t my eyes playing tricks on me. I noticed it originally but didn’t mention it in the email and then my girlfriends mentioned it to me on their own — so you’ve got a good seven pairs of eyes confirming that it originally said XX.
    So the fact that they’ve changed it makes me think they were just careless at the start and got their chromosomes mixed up… I liked it better when I thought they were *really* making a social statement.
    Ah well.

  • cherie

    Ha! I work for a nonprofit that aims to assist women in business and I think many of my colleagues will find this amusing…or not! People are totally like this! I just got a call from a woman who said she’s the only woman manager on her floor–for a major financial institution. So sad that things still like this exist.

  • http://homepage.mac.com/closethipster/ closethipster

    Without The Onion the news would pretty much be unbearable, wouldn’t it?

  • http://afaeyremaede.blogspot.com Afaeyre Maede

    I guess no one told the place I work. Of the 8 management positions, only two of them are MEN.

  • Vervain

    “If you work hard and stay focused, you can be successful anywhere. Provided, of course, it’s not in the business, financial, legal, or medical communities.”
    Aren’t you forgetting “scientific” and “computer/technical”?
    Yay Onion for once again calling people on their bullshit. ;)