Just how hysterical are you?

In honor of the recent NY Times article looking into the resurgence of “hysteria,” go take The Hysteria Quiz.
You can see just how many leeches on your vag you’ll need to cure you of your love of reading and bike-riding. Fun!

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  • shmana

    So I guess out of the UK, US and Canada, the US is the only country where having a pregnant woman on the cover of a book will have a deleterious effect on sales. Huh.

  • Momo

    Apparently I should get twice a week treatments for my hysteria. It didn’t specify whether these treatments included leaches or the vibrator. I will just go with the second option and hope for the best.

  • http://alberich10.blogspot.com DAS

    I think I might have hysteria: do they have male versions of a vibrator, or is it ok if I just, er, take matters into my own hands. I dunno about you, but I wouldn’t wanna have a leech down there.

  • http://www.thebirthhouse.com marius42

    As the coder of the quiz I can tell you that the vibratory treatments are the ones recommended by the creator. Her novel has a scene in it where the main character starts to self-administer her own treatments.
    There is a great page on the site called “Vibration is Life” that gives more of the social context.

  • DT

    I got twice a week, but never on Sundays. I’m glad that I already own the tool I’ll need for treatment. Actually… I own several.

  • http://users.wolfcrews.com/toys/penquin_smack/ John

    The quiz said, “Weekly treatments are highly advised.” (Yes, they italicized “highly advised”.) Bummer. I already masturabte to pictures of Marge Simpson; what else am I supposed to do?
    They have all sorts of things for us guys, from pocket pussies all the way to customizable sex dolls. NSFW. They even have a doll for the ladies too. My, the times they are a changin’. Now women can also experience the joy of objectifying the opposite gender by fornicating with a lifeless human facsimile. The future looks bright.

  • http://users.wolfcrews.com/toys/penquin_smack/ John

    Edit: They make male sex dolls which, of course, could be seduced and bedded down by either a woman or a man. I don’t think the doll really cares. It has no values. Must be a Democrat.

  • Pickleberry

    Now I can be hysterical AND pre-pregnant!

  • hendmik

    I scored a 32, requiring treatments twice a week. I certianly hope my penis doesn’t find out. It gets so easily agitated these days.

  • Carlie

    I read a great book a couple of years ago on the history of the vibrator as a cure for hysteria, and how many magazines and newspapers advertised vibrators in coded language, and how vibrators basically were invented so that poor beleagured physicians wouldn’t have to get off their female patients by hand all the time, since they took so damn long. Can’t remember the title, though. I’m sure it was “Vibrator” or something equally obvious.

  • http://fetchmemyaxe.blogspot.com belledame222

    i am sorry; i meant to take the quiz, but i got as far as
    and i had to go repair to the divan with the smelling salts.
    jesus fuck, if THAT doesn’t make you “hysterical” what WILL? dinner-place-sized spiders strapped onto your face? maybe that’s the next step.

  • Vervain

    “Weekly treatments are highly advised.”
    I think it was the 20+ books a year that did me in….

  • http://writhesafely.wordpress.com/ flawedplan

    Hi, this is my first comment here, I just have to say something. I’m a stakeholder in this construct, diagnosed with conversion disorder in 2002. It was terrifying, but I lived and learned, and chronicled the experience as best I could, here:
    These things don’t happen and Let’s all go to the hospital.
    Hysterics suffer from reminiscences, they are town criers, we bring the news partriarchs don’t want to hear, and so they blame the messenger.

  • Martyfiveten

    Carlie, is this the right book? It’s been on my to-read list, but I guess I’ve been doing other things, haven’t gotten to it yet. http://www.amazon.com/Technology-Orgasm-Hysteria-Vibrator-Satisfaction/dp/0801866464/sr=1-1/qid=1159556371/ref=sr_1_1/102-4646953-7277743?ie=UTF8&s=books