Jem is truly outrageous. Times two.

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  • Zed

    Does anyone have a transcript? Or failing that, a synopsis? I’m afraid I can’t make out more than a couple works every few stanzas.

  • Genetic_Mishap

    You can browse through the band’s lyrics here.

  • Genetic_Mishap

    Speaking of cartoon girl bands, check out this:

  • suzie

    it’s le tigre’s “Deceptacon”
    pretty awesome.

  • Zed


  • petitpoussin

    That just made my week.

  • yasth

    Consider this officailish video:
    JEM so loses. (Has anyone ever noticed that le tigre only ever gets their almost nonesense stuff popular)

  • nonwhiteperson

    ten short years of progressive change
    fifty fucking years of calling us names
    can we trade title nine for an end to hate crime?
    ru-486 if we suck your fucking dick?
    one step forward, five steps back
    one cool record in the year of rock-rap
    yeah we got all the power getting stabbed in the shower
    and we got equal rights on ladies night
    feminists we’re calling you
    please report to the front desk
    let’s name this phenomenon
    its to dumb to bring us down
    F.Y.R. fifty years of ridicule
    F.Y.R. take another picture
    mrs. doubtfire on mothers day
    on-the-job stalker for equal pay
    toss us a few new AIDS drugs as mational healthcare bites the dust
    while you were on vacation black people didn’t get reparations
    you know these days no one’s exploited
    sorry dude can’t hear you with my head in the toilet
    you’ve really come a long way baby
    its you, not the world
    thats totally crazy
    cuz we really rocked the vote with election fraud in poor zip codes
    celebrate gay marriage in vermont by enforcing those old sodomy laws
    one step forward, five steps back
    we tell the truth they turn up the laugh track

  • whitney

    I totally put my hand through a window when I was three years old and it’s all Jem’s fault. I would run, touch the wall, and then run to touch the window. Each time I touched the wall I would yell, “Jem!” and each time I touched the window I would yell, “The Holograms!” I got a little too into it and on one ill-fated “Holograms!” my hand went through the window and broke it. Got all cut up.

  • RunAroundMolly

    EEEEEEEEEEEE! I have a Jem doll… she sits upon my nightstand next to my bed, still.

  • RunAroundMolly
  • Bloomberg

    The consuming logic that is never fulfilled means people want to experience more, perhaps 30 hours of experience in a 24-hour day.
    There is more on offer, but the same amount of time. In our desire not to waste time, we are left with even less of it. Speeding things up means substituting quantity for quality and along the way a certain depth to life is lost. Travel is faster, communicating electronically is faster. Eating has become faster – fast food is just one manifestation of this. Lunch breaks are shortening, with little time for eating, let alone digesting. Getting to know people and relationships are speeded up through speed-dating. With names like Speeddater or Hurrydate, it is possible to meet 20 people for three minutes each on an evening and decide who you want to follow up. The length of time we keep clothes has shortened. Disposability is key. The shelf-life of buildings is shorter. Room decorations can be bought off the peg and discarded with each new move. This is the throwaway city. Caterers with names like On the Run or Gourmet on the Go! (‘Providing healthy, delicious meals for busy people’) are proliferating.