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Rhode Island women disengaged with political process.

TweetNow, why would ANYONE be disengaged with the political process these days? (laughs with anger and tears) Rhode Island women tend to be disengaged from politics and many don’t regard political activity as an effective way to influence their world, according to interpretations of a poll released yesterday by the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island. [...]
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Women face restrictions on praying in Makka.

TweetReligious leader is Saudi Arabia want to restrict how much women can pray at the Grand Mosque in Makka. Women activist have vowed to fight any such attempts. At present, women can pray in the immediate vicinity of the Kaaba, a cube-shaped structure inside the mosque, believed to have been built by Ibrahim (Abraham) – [...]
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Britain bans violent porn.

TweetIn response to the violent murder of a woman by a man that was obsessed with violent internet porn, the British government ruled that violent internet porn is now illegal. Now, I am glad that the government took a stance on the issue and responded to the outcry, but I don’t know how much the [...]
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A pro-choice “clinic” protest

TweetThe Detroit Action Network For Reproductive Rights is planning to picket a local crisis-pregnancy center to raise awareness about the misinformation spread by these places. In case you’re in the area, here are the details: Saturday, September 9 at 10:30 a.m. at “Pregnancy Aid,” 17325 Mack Avenue (on Detroit’s Eastside, directly across from Staples) Email [...]
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Trespassing OK… if daddy’s not looking

TweetIn comments about the Purity Princess Survivor Kit over at Pandagon, Auguste links to what the Virgin-Property-of-Daddy tee should really look like: Hilarious, especially in light of research on virginity pledgers. Tweet
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