Women face restrictions on praying in Makka.

Religious leader is Saudi Arabia want to restrict how much women can pray at the Grand Mosque in Makka. Women activist have vowed to fight any such attempts.

At present, women can pray in the immediate vicinity of the Kaaba, a cube-shaped structure inside the mosque, believed to have been built by Ibrahim (Abraham) – seen by Muslims as a prophet – and his son.
Osama al-Bar, head of the Institute for Haj Research, said: “The area is very small and so crowded. So we decided to get women out of the sahn [Kaaba area] to a better place where they can see the Kaaba and have more space.
“Some women thought it wasn’t good, but from our point of view it will be better for them … We can sit with them and explain to them what the decision is.”

Uh, it was too crowded so we told the women to leave? That doesn’t sound like a good enough reason.

Suhaila Hammad, a Saudi woman member of a body of world Muslim scholars, said: “Both men and women have the right to pray in the House of God. Men have no right to take it away.

“Men and women mix when they circumambulate the Kaaba, so do they want to make us do that somewhere else too?
“This is discrimination against women.”

Nuff said.
via Aljazeera.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/bourbonhipster The Bourbs

    Ooh, Ooh, it’s my turn to worship a deity that relegate me to second-class-citizenship and the kitchen (except, of course, if I’m menstrating).” And Mohammed just shot himself in the balls. I like to see how well the patriarchic-Islamic brainwashing holds up when its women followers are forced to start worshipping in isolation from the men and start actually discussing their theologic ideas out of earshot of the men.

  • sojourner

    There is no need to start hurling insults. Active, progressive, and politically aware Muslim women pray in Mecca too. Just like progressive Christians also believe in Bible, but they interpret it differently or less literally than fundamentalist Christians. “The patriarchic-Islamic brainwashing� will hold up just fine, just like other patritic brainwash, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Secular. And it will hold up even better, the more you banish women from society.

  • Sonya Klarson

    The capacity to handle technology is a form of power, and the young feel more comfortable with it than older generations. As technological change drives the economy, it could thus transform power relationships between generations. We already know that children teach parents how to use videos, email and the internet: they have become the translators of the modern world.
    In a global culture where age has engendered respect, what will technology do to social relations when older people feel increasingly disenfranchised? For some older people there is a growing sense of being an immigrant in their own technological country.