Britain bans violent porn.

In response to the violent murder of a woman by a man that was obsessed with violent internet porn, the British government ruled that violent internet porn is now illegal. Now, I am glad that the government took a stance on the issue and responded to the outcry, but I don’t know how much the banning of internet porn is going to actually stop violent behavior. Violent imagery may incite violence, but is far from the cause of it. What about a culture that normalizes violence for men? What are they going to do to stop that?

It is already a crime to make or publish such images but proposed legislation will outlaw possession of images such as “material featuring violence that is, or appears to be, life-threatening or is likely to result in serious and disabling injury”.
Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker MP said: “Such material has no place in our society but the advent of the internet has meant that this material is more easily available and means existing controls are being by-passed – we must move to tackle this.”
The move by the government would close a legal loophole.
“It is great news that the Government has not only listened but has responded to calls to outlaw access to sickening internet images, which can so easily send vulnerable people over the edge.”

I agree that this stuff is nasty, but banning it may seem viable in the short term. But I think the ban ignores the circumstances under which it is made and the greater cultural factors that contribute to it’s production. What is producing such images and what is creating a situation where they would be distributed and consumed?
That is all I am asking.
via BBC.

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