Women, Action & the Media: Call for proposals

You may remember the fab time Samhita and I had at the WAM! conference earlier this year, so we’re super excited to go again in 2007. And you should be too.
The Center for New Words is accepting proposals for the conference now, so hop to it! Here’s a (very) shortened version of the call, get the full one here.

Women, Action & the Media: Making Noise, Making Change
MIT’s Stata Center, Cambridge, MA
March 30 – April 1, 2007
We invite you to submit a proposal for a workshop, panel, strategy meeting, multimedia presentation, or other conference session. We want to hear your ideas whether you’re a media producer or a PR strategist, a journalist, an activist, an academic, a community organizer, a funder or philanthropist, a “citizen� media watchdog, a media policy advocate, an alternative-network-builder, a blogger, writer, teacher, artist, technology trainer, deejay, (etc!) — we welcome any progressive concerned about women’s voices and power in the media. We especially encourage proposals from women of color, women under 25 and over 65, low-income women, professionals/producers working in broadcast and online media, and students.
At WAM!2007, we’ll share facts and ideas and develop skills and action plans to transform the media environment and amplify progressive women’s public voices—as analysts, opinion-makers, community members , and influential participants in civil society. But to do that, we need you. What questions, issues, and concerns do you want to hear debated? What thinking, strategizing, planning or skill-sharing work should happen at WAM as a step forward in building the movement to “make noise and make change�? What should we know, what should we be doing, and what should we be preparing for?
The deadline is for submission is 10/13/2006.

Again, get all the info here. Hopefully, see you there!

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