This made my morning

Love it.

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  • closethipster

    That made my morning AND turned my mood around. Thanks for passing it along.

  • Lorien

    Frickin’ awesome.
    If only it came in “black”, as it were…

  • Quintana

    That smacks of racism. I have news for you. It ain’t just white.

  • CannedLizard
  • maialu

    I have this one on my refrigerator. As a mom of two girls, it makes me smile daily!

  • maialu

    I have this one on my refrigerator. As a mom of two girls, it makes me smile daily!

  • maialu

    damn. sorry that went out twice!

  • Lorien

    I’d like it if the sticker had a version with a little black girl. Or hey, even a little black boy. It would lose some of the “Dick and Jane”-kitsch-based irony, but it’d still be worth having a rainbow of them, as it were. Dick and Jane kitsch done in African American, Latino, male, Vietnamese, Inuit and Yupik, etc. has its own hilarious, delicious irony.
    (Mmmm, tasty tasty irony.)

  • Kate

    I love this! I agree it should come in a rainbow of colors but, considering the source of power in America, if they were going to choose one this was the one to do.
    I want a little cartoon girl who says things like that -loves her-
    I don’t think its racist against white people, I’m white, the little girl pictured is white, but the religious-right is populated by old white men, many of whom are racist and make a point of being white which is where this comes from.

  • nonwhiteperson

    Middle-aged, pasty white men are screwing over 95 percent of us. Register to vote against these godbags.

  • Lorien

    I agree, Kate, it made sense for the “real”ish Dick & Jane example as a start. Just hope they make some others some time!
    Actually, it’s interesting (when you think about racism further), as racism really is about perpetuating an unequal system — which people of ANY race can do. It drives me up the wall when people say of the botched follow-up to the Katrina disaster, “Well, it can’t be racism, many of the officials/the mayor is black.” Just like women can support (tacitly or not) the patriarchal hegemony, blacks can support racism.
    The only thing that’s worse is when liberals/progressives can’t answer the “but they’re black!” racism counterargument. Which has happened many times. Sigh.

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