If you’re not a “career girl”…

You still have shit to worry about. Like those office whores who make better coffee than you.

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  • chem_fem

    Love the way the ‘career man’ used his affection to reward and punish her – “he didn’t even kiss me on his way out”.

  • Carlie

    I like how his first comparison was about the girls at the office. Like it wasn’t enough of a stereotype for the stay-home wife to worry about him banging his secretary, he’s saying she cooks better too! Just the fact that this was a successful marketing campaign is really, really sad.

  • http://www.krazykatknits.blogspot.com Kat

    I wanted so badly for her to dump that hot coffee in his lap and tell him he’s on his own for his next caffeine fix.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bourbonhipster The Bourbs

    Reminds me of a Roughing it in the Suburbs: Reading Chatelaine Magazine in the Fifties and Sixties. It had ads pushing vacuum cleaners as Mothers Day gifts.

  • freewmn

    What an asshole, “your worthless because you can’t make me a ‘decent’ cup of coffee,” -get up off your ass and do it yourself!!

  • debbye76

    That just creeped me out. Just his sense of entitlement even for a cup of coffee! Gross.