A pro-choice “clinic” protest

The Detroit Action Network For Reproductive Rights is planning to picket a local crisis-pregnancy center to raise awareness about the misinformation spread by these places. In case you’re in the area, here are the details:

Saturday, September 9 at 10:30 a.m.
at “Pregnancy Aid,” 17325 Mack Avenue
(on Detroit’s Eastside, directly across from Staples)
Email danforr@sbcglobal.net OR
Call (313) 378-2369 for more information

It’s awesome that some local activists are taking on this issue. I’m not usually excited about clinic protests, but this one sounds pretty good to me…. Probably because places like “Pregnancy Aid” aren’t really clinics. That term applies to places that provide actual health care, not just propaganda.

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  • Kate

    Man, I wish I was in the area. Keeping an eye out for something similar in Southern California though!

  • racya

    I sure wish I could get a racket like they have. A girl comes in looking for an abortion and they convince her she dosn’t need one. It’s almost like not having to do any work at all.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bourbonhipster The Bourbs

    Why doesn’t someone go into one of these clinics with a gun?

  • somabergeron

    Speaking of ‘pregnancy (s)care centers, I’m looking to protest a care center’s ad in my college newspaper- an ad in which says the center offers ‘choices’? Does anyone have any advice on what to say or how to go about it?

  • cgl5f

    I do suggest you check your facts before spouting off. Pregnancy Aid does not in fact style itself as a ‘clinic’ nor does it provide health care to it’s clients. It provides material aid and counseling. That is why it is called a ‘crisis pregnancy center’ and not a ‘health care clinic’. Things have labels for a reason.

  • http://abstractnonsense.wordpress.com/ Alon Levy

    I suppose they also don’t offer sonograms because they don’t have professionals trained in using them.

  • cgl5f

    In fact they do offer sonograms because they do have people trained to use them. However they are sonograms for the purposes of ‘taking pictures’ and not diagonstic sonograms. In the same way as if you go to ‘First Foto’ at the mall, you get some pictures for keepsakes and not a medical diagnosis. Which is, in fact, a whole ‘nother controversy.

  • Natrhanial11

    It’s awesome that some local activists are taking on this issue. I’m not usually excited about clinic protests, but this one sounds pretty good to me….
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  • Bloomberg

    Indeed, what does desire look like through the eyes of the elderly, the poor and those otherwise disenfranchised? They are already swept up in its maelstrom. The market has already sniffed out that there is an audience to be captured who are nurturing their savings when they could be spending them. Make them feel inadequate, make them want. Make them understand that just like a tired shop needs a design logo makeover or facelift, so too do older people. The poor are a harder challenge: give them a sense that everyone can be a winner, keep them wanting too. But this is a fragile balancing act, because at some point the dream has to come to fruition or else resistance might grow, endangering the whole house of cards.