South Dakota gubernatorial candidate speaks out against abortion ban

Democrat Jack Billion held a press conference today to clarify his position on South Dakota’s sweeping abortion ban.

Jack Billion called the ban a “rigid and unforgiving law” that leaves women and families no option.
He said South Dakota already has some of the nation’s most restrictive abortion laws and the new measure’s lack of exceptions for rape or incest “further victimizes the women of South Dakota.”

Listen to the statement here.
But get this: Apparently Billion has a douchey brother who showed up at the press conference to oppose Billion’s position.

“I support this courageous act by our S.D. Legislature and Governor Rounds, because it recognizes the scientific and moral truth about human life in the womb,” Stephen Billion read.

The why don’t you run for governor, asshole? What kind of a person crashes their brother’s press conference anyway? Sheesh.
In any case, go show Billion some love.

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