Increase of HIV infection among Indian woman linked to cheating husbands

A new UN study says that in India, “a significant proportion of new infections isoccuring in women who are in monogamous relationships and have been infected by husbands or partners who have multiple sex partners.
The report, Gender Impact of HIV and AIDS in India, was put out by the UNDP, the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), and the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER).
The report also says that women account for about 39 percent of people in India living with HIV and that 60 percent of “the HIV-positive widows are nearly less than 30 years of age and staying with their natal families after being thrown out from their marital homes following the death of their husbands.
So terrible.

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  • Zaij

    It does take two people to cheat, you know…

  • jane

    No it doesn’t. If someone cheats with a single person, only one of those people is cheating. The one who has made an agreement not to cheat(got married) is cheating. The other party might not even know this person is married.

  • chem_fem

    or the other person may be a prostitute or rape victim….

  • Zaij

    White I meant by that was, why aren’t the women these men are cheating with not telling the men their sleeping with/taking precautions/getting themselves checked out?

  • liontamer

    zaij- as chem_fem pointed, you can’t assume that these men are having affairs with educated middle class women who have the knowledge or the resources to protect themselves. A common prostitute in India is in no position to either take precautions/get themselves checked out.