Don’t think of it as a uterus, think of it as an fetus’ apartment

With a screen door hymen and all!
See Pandagon and Sufficient Scruples for commentary. I’m too busy redecorating my “womb sweet womb” to write. (I’m thinking about an I Dream of Jeanie motif…)

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  • yellownumber5

    Well, really, is it paying rent? What does it expect?

  • Kyra

    Yeah, when I got my apartment I applied for an apartment and got approved.
    I didn’t just assume that since they had an “apartments for rent” sign out front that I could just move into one without telling them.

  • Doulababe

    I think the screen door is actually the cervix and not the hymen, unless this is the abortion of Jeebus…
    Still. That’s completely creepy. Does this mean that it’s immoral to evict non-paying tenants out of all rental situations? Hmm…

  • Victoria Marinelli

    The air conditioning vent in the fetus’ apartment is a nice touch.

  • EG

    Wow, Yellow. You took the word right off my fingertips!
    And, indeed. If I accidentally leave my door unlocked, and come home to find someone else in my apartment, using my stuff, and planning to take over my life, damn straight I have the right to throw him or her out.

  • syntyche

    more to the point, what the hell is going on at the bottom? A uteral gunfight?

  • Zed

    I think it’s supposed to represent a white blood cell going after a germ.

  • Alon Levy

    I just think it’s extraordinarily funny. I don’t know what Faithmouse envisioned it as, but I see it more as a reductio ad absurdum of the anti-choice position than as a real argument against choice.

  • Not true

    Where’s the bloody trampoline!

  • the_becca

    And what the fuck is going on with that pay telescope thing? Is the fetus, like, voyeuristically watching everything your circulatory system does or something?

  • prairielily

    If I was a fetus, I would want to know what the circulatory system was up to because it would be my only chance to see it up close and personal in such an intimate way. Really, such a wasted opportunity.
    I find the little germ/white blood cell gunfight hilarious.

  • Messy Jessi

    The… the bloody trampoline. Hahaha. Because it’s be bloody in your uterus. No really, I laughed.
    Anyway. Ridiculous. This sort of reminds me of a speech someone gave to a friend’s speech class about her pro-life stance. It was just a story about an aborted baby on Jesus’ lap in heaven. What? That’s not a real argument, and neither is this.

  • yellownumber5

    If nothing else, this kind of makes abortion seem cute. Kind of like those commercials where the medicine upsets the cozy home phlegm has made in your lungs.

  • Erin

    This is fucking awesome. Is it a pro-abortion ad? Because, if not, it should be. Just like YellowNumber5 said, now abortions are cute and fuzzy. Like those Zoloft commercials with the round depressed ball things.

  • Tom Head

    Sadly, it wasn’t intended as satire.
    I find Faithmouse kind of charming, though. Half of his cartoons seem to go after Fred Phelps (depicted as a bison named Fraud Fits with a huge “GOD HATES EWES” sign). The anti-choice toons are unfortunate (especially this one), but all in all, I think Faithmouse is probably the kind of right-winger we can at least convince to support comprehensive sex ed and over-the-counter EC one day.

  • IncredibleKates

    Wow. Really freaking creepy and gross. All of these cartoons have one thing in common: They assign all kinds of not only human but ADULT features to a FETUS. Like critical thought and the ability to read.
    If fetuses really popped out of the womb able to express themselves articulately and read the directions on the back of an oatmeal packet, I bet there would be a lot more women willing to keep their babies.
    What these fundies don’t seem to realize is that the care and keeping of a child requires a ton more time and money than a lot of women are willing or able to spend.
    And again… just, gross.

  • Jovan1984

    Totally gross.
    More proof that anti-choice fascists don’t care about women.

  • Nightingale

    Scary, and yet laughable to those who are capable of thinking logically…

  • Nightingale

    Scary, yet laughable to anyone capable of thinking logically.

  • Bloomberg

    It not including excellent humour and *???????* sharp social satire.