Best. Shirt. Ever.

Via BoingBoing.

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  • Mitchell

    Yes! This is fantastic. I want one.

  • nonwhiteperson

    Tubes-Tubes-Tubes is trying to pull a fast one tomorrow by forcing cloture on net neutrality. Leave messages or call the following three Senators to vote against cloture and for net neutrality. Net neutrality (keeping the internet as it is instead of handing it over to phone companies) is an important issue to me because the internet is for Democrats what talk radio is to Republicans because Democrats read and Republicans spend alot of time in their cars. Or something like that.

  • Life

    Tokyo Olympic badges were designed after considering those used during the XVII Olympiad in Rome and other Sports meetings. Badges were designed to be gold-plated and were unified into a single form. The badges for the officials, sports officials, sports teams, Organizing Committee, Press, invited guests etc., were divided into eight different types of “cloisonne colour” (a baked porcelain finish on metal) and 24 separate identifying classifications were added according to the category involved.
    These were further distinguished by distinctive ribbons in bright colours both plain and in combination. Additional and appropriate badge markings were designed for His Majesty the Emperor, members of the Imperial Family, The Prime Minister, President of the IOC, member of the IOC, Secretary-General of NOC and of ISF, members of NOC and chiefs of mission.
    The quantity of the badges to be cast was, in the first instance, estimated from the number of entries of the various sports events. Since there was sufficient time before the opening day of the Games, additional orders were placed as revisions to the original estimate become necessary.
    The Organizing Committee provided participation badges for the support staff, e.g. interpreters and for ground-helpers who were attached from the supporting Governmental Agencies such as the Self Defense Force, the Police Force, the Fire Defense Board, and various universities and civil organizations. These badges were somewhat smaller in size than the main Olympic badge, but conformed generally to the same design.