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Women still do most of the housework. Somebody, quick, call Linda Hirshman!
A federal judge rules against a small university that violated Title IX, which requires equal funding for women’s and men’s sports.
One of the women who participated in a Catholic ordination ceremony to demand female priests has resigned from her job with the Archdiocese of Boston.
Babytalk’s recent cover featured a baby and (gasp!) a breast, which “incited more than 700 letters to the editor, a record for the magazine.� Via Shakes.
A Zimbabwean political party plans to get older women to strip during forthcoming anti-government protests. According to traditional local culture, it’s highly taboo for men to see elderly women naked– so the older women are to be used as “weapons.” Ugh.
While some of us were surprised to hear that the new Batwoman is a lesbian, comic geeks note that this new character “is on in a long line of lesbian characters in mainstream comics, and the fifth recent lesbian character in the Batman universe alone.”
Now that the Senate has cleared the Teen Endangerment Act, the American Prospect explains the dysfunctional judicial bypass process that’s supposed to allow minors to sidestep parental involvement. (Women’s E-News has more on the Teen Endangerment Act.)
Was “The Odyssey” actually written by a woman?
Women in the developing world who marry young are at increased risk for HIV/AIDS.
Apparently now it’s cool for young women to be smart (nerdy, even), but not young men?
A North Carolina judge ruled against the state’s “fornication and adultery statute.” Now it’s OK for two people to “lewdly and lasciviously associate, bed and cohabit together” without getting married first. Hurrah!
More and more women are going into broadcast news, causing some to fret that the boy crisis now applies to broadcast journalism. But not so fast: “Many observers suggest that [men's] departure reflects the transformation of TV news from a “glamour” business to a low-wage, no-growth field with limited career potential.” Clearly, once a field becomes female-dominated, it’s only a matter of time before it’s known as a low-wage, no-growth career path.
Surprise! Average, normal women like sex toys. (This is news?)

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  • Jessica

    Re: the elderly women stripping. I see the concern over using women’s bodies as “weapons” in political protests, but women around the world have used stripping as a shaming technique in activism. I think it’s actually quite cool.

  • Scarlet

    Re: the breastfeeding cover, I think it’s quite ridiculous for anyone to get all bent out of shape when a magazine called “Babytalk” features a picture of a breastfed baby on the cover (hardly a gratuitous boob shot – not that much flesh is shown anyway), but I find a lot of the comment on Shakespeare’s sisters blog to be quite ludicrous as well. I mean, it’s a normal bodily function, granted, but so is taking a dump and I don’t see anyone praising the beauty of defecation, even though it is very much necessary to life. Many of my friends have children and I think it’s a great choice to make if you’re so inclined, but all this “Motherhood is sacred”, “that picture is sooooo beautiful” and “oh my God, that baby is soooo cute” talk is a bit tiresome. If the baby was butt-ugly, would it make a difference? That being said, I have no problem seeing naked breasts in whatever context, be it on the cover of Playboy, Babytalk or whatever. (Even though I’d much prefer seeing naked men ;-)).

  • leslieanderson81

    Haha, that’s hilarious about the sex toy news. It’s like saying a decent acne treatment is easy to find. Lol!