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It’s time for…

TweetDumb “women” headlines of the day! When I search for articles pertaining to women, I find a number of stories that have humorous, sexist, and/or dumb headlines that I feel like are too humorous, sexist and/or dumb not to share with others. Here are my three favorite of the day: “Flip-Flops Damaging To Women’s Careers” [...]
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The pro-life prince charming has arrived.

TweetYou have got to see this. Jill at Feministe uncovered one of the eeriest (and most hilarious) anti-choice projects I’ve encountered, and it’s called “Grooms for Life.â€? It essentially pairs single pregnant women with anti-choice bachelors who are willing to marry them and be their baby’s daddy. After all, women wouldn’t have abortions if men [...]
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First round on the runway.

TweetWith the U.S. Women’s Open kicking off today, it looks like there’s a new theme that’s attracting the audience this year: fashion. Ooh ooh, I got a joke. What does fashion have to do with golf? Nothing, but we’re talking about women’s golf, silly! While I’ve always personally wanted an excuse to wear argyle socks [...]
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Why waste time on the women’s vote?

TweetNow whenever I come across creepy freeperdom I am forced to pause and read, frown and cry. via Echidne. Now this is interesting: A Biblical justification for limiting suffrage to men (or even to men with property). It started with one of those games where people are asked to answer questions, and the blogger answered [...]
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Teenagers having less babies.

TweetI am all about that. According to an annual study called the Kids Count, that measures the health and well-being of children and teens, less teenagers are having babies or dropping out of high school. Yet more teenagers are living in poverty. Hmmm. The report measures each state’s progress on 10 statistics, including infant mortality, [...]
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