The pro-life prince charming has arrived.

You have got to see this.
Jill at Feministe uncovered one of the eeriest (and most hilarious) anti-choice projects I’ve encountered, and it’s called “Grooms for Life.â€? It essentially pairs single pregnant women with anti-choice bachelors who are willing to marry them and be their baby’s daddy. After all, women wouldn’t have abortions if men were willing to marry them! My favorite line:

“female pro-lifers and married men could spend their time recruiting bachelors to their cause so that the screaming demonstrators outside abortion clinics would soon be replaced by swains in bow ties, holding rings and serenading the pregnant women.�

Not too creepy.
The one thing I do give these crazies props for is the upfront “we don’t care who you marry� attitude that only exposes them for who they really are.

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