First round on the runway.

With the U.S. Women’s Open kicking off today, it looks like there’s a new theme that’s attracting the audience this year: fashion. Ooh ooh, I got a joke. What does fashion have to do with golf? Nothing, but we’re talking about women’s golf, silly!
While I’ve always personally wanted an excuse to wear argyle socks (and don’t you just love the word “knickersâ€?), this new style of fashion described is not-so-original and a wee “slutifiedâ€? — the three descriptors from the article that stand out in my mind are “mini-skirts,â€? “tight topsâ€? and “pink.â€? (There’s also the “funky headscarves,â€? but that’s more cheesy than anything.)
Don’t get me wrong; I love short, tight gear and rock it all the time. But it really gets my knickers (a different meaning this time) in a twist when focus is put on the athletes’ sexual appeal or something so stereotypically “female” as fashion to legitimize a women’s sport.

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