CDC panel votes on HPV vaccine today

The national Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is set to vote today on whether a promising cervical cancer vaccine should be part of the standard shots that adolescent girls receive.
As you already know, conservative groups have been less than enthusiastic about the vaccine, claiming that it could make girls promiscuous (I know). Let’s hope the panel makes a judgment based on science and health, not politics.

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  • pbfared

    I found this site while researching the fundy response to the HPV vaccine – and I’m loving it! I am keeping an eye out here & at CNN, looking for the recommendations to be posted. It is unconscionable that a whackjob like Finger (heh) has any effect on such an important health issue. These (non)fuckers would rather girls & women die than have sex they haven’t previously approved. Anyway, thanks for being here & especially, thanks for doing the research. This kind of thoughtful, information based site represents the best of feminism today. This 52 yr old former NOW chapter prez & forever AB rights activist is delighted to come across you folks.

  • kgsavoie

    they did it! Much to the predictable chagrin of conservative anti-sex zealots like Focus on the Family. I know it’s cynical but I am left wondering how much Merck stands to gain by this & how the contributions of Merck (et al big pharma) stacks up against those from FotF and AFA,, etc. But regardless, for once, the outcome is a win for all, even if the reason behind it may have been nothing but political payback for big pharma. I’ll take it.

  • pbfared

    I’ll take it as well. Elsewhere, I’m seeing people talk about FRC not really being against the vaccine – some sheople will believe anything. The recommendation means ins cos, Medicare & Medicaid will have to pay for it, so access is protected. Whatever the money mechanics that went into the guidelines, I’m relieved. Finger (heh) will be off the committee tomorrow.