It’s About Time

So, newstyle reviews. Lemme know what you think, yeah?
In this edition, things I slept on and don’t want you to miss:
DD album cover.jpg
The Dresden Dolls
Yes Virginia
Roadrunner Records (2006)
–Provocative without being pushy, this Boston duo’s latest album is full of clever, personal songs about sex and drugs, among other things. The Dolls will be doing some summer shows and have a book of sheet music coming out next month, while Amanda hosts a vaudeville and short film tour that will hit Brooklyn tomorrow and continue its U.S. trek through July. Check it here.
bitch style substance.jpg
Bitch Magazine
Style and Substance Issue
Summer 2006
–Fashion and feminism are given center stage here. I’m especially in like with the articles on women’s magazines and Dolly Parton and Madonna. SFers can go to El Rio to catch some flicks with the Bitch team tomorrow nite, and the mag’s anthology is coming out in August. We are so proud of you, Bitch!
Strangers with Candy: The Movie

Peaches “Impeach My Bush”

Now, a moment of silence for the breakup of Sleater-Kinney. “Indefinite hiatus”=indefinite sadness for this one and some of bestest people I know. Listen to “Dig Me Out” and shed a few tears for “One More Hour.” Hope you can catch them on one of their final (boo!) shows this summer.

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