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Lung cancer different in women

TweetNew studies are looking into why lung cancer affects women differently than men; it could be our dear friend estrogen. Lung cancer will kill 72,000 women this year–more than breast, ovarian, uterine and cervical cancers combined. [Dr. Kathy Albain] is heading a National Cancer Institute-funded study that is recruiting 720 newly diagnosed lung cancer patients [...]
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Due to the holiday…

TweetAnd Jessica’s insane move-out, Feministing is taking the day off. We will resume posting tomorrow. Thanks! Tweet
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Madeleine Shaw: Flow Lover & Founder of Lunapads

Tweet Madeleine Shaw would never be caught taking a pill to stop her period. In fact, she loves and honors her period. And wishes more women would, too. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Madeleine [below right with business partner Suzanne Siemens] is the founder and partner of Lunapads International Products Ltd. Madeleine, now 38, had [...]
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Honor killings have a new name in Turkey.

TweetThis is just horrifying. Since the Turkish government began cracking down on honor killings last year, a new trend is currently being investigated by the UN: serial suicides among young girls and women. These incidents have been occurring mostly in the Kurdish southeast. An example is in Batman, where 10 of the 14 people who [...]
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Wie asked to “prove herself” to male golfers. Ew.

Tweet While I must admit I couldn’t help giggling when this columnist told golf prodigy Michelle Wie, “You go, girl!�, at least he pointed out the lack of support and respect that she should be getting from fellow professional golfers. U.S. Open Champion Michael Campbell was asked last week about Wie being given a sponsor’s [...]
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