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Kuwaiti women campaigning…in a rush

TweetThe New York Times had an interesting piece up yesterday on Kuwaiti women and their recently-won right to run for parliament. Elections had been scheduled for summer 2007, the first since women were given the right to vote and run for office in 2005. But on May 21, Kuwait’s ruler, Sheik Sabah Al Ahmed Al [...]
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Pulled-out-of-ass stat of the day

Tweet“Ex-gay” Janet Boynes in a recent podcast interview: From what I know I believe there’s 80% of women, between 80 and 85% of women that are struggling with homosexuality were either raped by someone they knew or somebody outside of that normally there’s some type of rape or some kind of molestation in our past. [...]
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Not that anyone cares…

Tweet …but my newly-bought Stella scooter is being delivered this week and I am freaking psyched. And naturally I’m cooking up a Feministing logo decal for it. I have no shame. Tweet
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“Organic sex” my ass

TweetA new website denouncing contraception has cropped up, touting itself as part of the Contra-Contraception Movement. But unlike the wacky folks that are “mischaracterized� in a recent NY Times mag piece, claims that they are a secular group simply pushing the benefits of “organic sex.� Many women, in an effort to live healthily, who [...]
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Cause vagina blood is for heathens

Tweet From Broadsheet we learn that towns that the Pope will be visiting this summer are planning on banning a number of unholy things–including alcohol, some desserts, and tampon commercials. Because Catholics don’t have vaginas. Tweet
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