Toronto event today: Feminist Porn Awards

I just can’t wait for all the comments about how “good feminists” don’t support pornography. Anyways…
If you’re in Toronto today, you can check out Vixens+Visionaries: Female erotic directors revolutionizing porn. The event includes feminist porn producers Tristan Taormino, Dana Dane, Angela Phong, Abiola Adams, and Jen Bowers of SMUT Magazine.
There will also be highlights of new erotic work by female directors and the first ever Feminist Porn Awards.

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  • JR

    look, sure, _less_ exploitative porn is better than more exploitative porn. Everyone can agree on that.
    But anybody who thinks you can have porn without the “expolitative gaze” — as some ‘feminist’-porn-defender tried to claim toward the top of this thread — is, at best, extremely utopian and wildly unrealistic.
    The gaze is the essence of porn. That’s what makes it porn: it’s erotic and people gaze at it. (Which part of that is confusing exactly?) So as long as we make porn, even if we call it “feminist porn,” we help bulid up that big, simple, old idea that sex is about the gaze, instead of being (as Twisty Faster puts it) about sex.
    It’s a real simple problem. It’s not fixed just by playing out some kind of non-patriarchy-typical scene. Maybe in some future society the gaze won’t have patriarchal consequences, and so ‘feminist’ porn won’t be an oxymoron. But right now, the gaze entails some pretty shitty consequences that entrench our gender system, and so we need to get rid of the gaze, not ‘claim it as our own’ or whatever.
    I would think all this would be boringly obvious to anyone not bamboozled by today’s “post-feminist” BS.
    Do people really disagree with this?

  • Tom Head

    Thanks for having this debate, folks. It’s clarified some things for me.
    To be honest, I’m not all that sure where I stand on all this. And I’m not going to make any assertions until I am.

  • j

    feminist porn and the fledgling female gaze are sweet vengeance, but they’re not a boon to human society.
    sure, it’s fun to look at lanky college boys and drift off in reverie like men have been doing to us all these years. but really it’s not good for members of either gender to treat other humans as objects.
    unfortunately, the notion of treating other people as humans is ridiculously utopian — clubs for men to look at naked women are increasing, not decreasing.
    we may have to give up on a society where people treat each other as humans in favor of a society where people treat each other equally.
    and that means bring on the porn that women find sexy. we’ve got some catching up to do.

  • j

    ugh. i just looked at the feminist porn awards. where the hell are the dicks? if i wanted to look at tits, i could go to any old site.

  • AOAmy

    I am looking for a heterosexual “porn” movie that contains plenty of erect penises and sexual activity, but no female breasts or genetalia. It seems that we always see programs with female parts, but no male parts. I would like to see if my partner notices if the reverse is shown. Does anyone know of such a movie?

  • Eshew Obfuscation

    Off the top of my head…
    The Brown Bunny?

  • Eshew Obfuscation

    Also, there are many internet sites dedicated to “Clothed Female, Nude Male” pornography…those will satisfy your craving as well.

  • Dana714

    A note to Jessica and all of the other moderators/leaders of this website:
    What am I to make of the response,
    ‘Listen, I’m not going to get into the whole porn debate, but I have to say this: I don’t find sex “degrading” or “nonsense.”‘
    I am a senior in college, graduting in less than a month with a degree in Women’s Studies and Political Science. What you are telling me is that you, Jessica, refuse to take any stance–given your agency and voice on this website–on one of the largest and most prevalent issues within the contemporary feminist discourse. It’s a privilege that you can rant about less vital topics and thus qualify as a leading feminist, but let’s deal with a multi-billion dollar industry that majorly impacts women’s lives today. I personally believe that a feminist critique of the porn industry (looking at it from both pro and anti perspectives) is necessary. In the 9/20/05 post, “Porn police on the way?” you (Jessica) comment on the Bush administration being the moral standard for pornography. This is agreeably a terrible thing, but could it have been avoided if perhaps the majority of feminists didn’t completely ignore pornography??
    And another thing, since when has the anti-pornography movement viewed sex as ‘degrading’ or ‘nonsense’?? Let’s be fair, I think a clear distinction that sex does not equal pornography should be mastered within feminist discussions by now.

  • EstelaPez

    Cool post, Dana. This is one of my favorite quotes by Gail Dines, “Calling pornography sex is like hitting someone over the head with a frying pan and calling that cooking.”

  • GamesOnline

    I’d like to know why this “feminist” porn is still all about sexually objectifying