Say hi to Angie!

We’re moving up in the world. The fabulous Angie Vo has just joined Feministing as a Reviews Editor. (Again, we like titles.) So please give her a warm welcome.
Angie, 23, is a Missouri-born, Wisconsin-based journalism grad who focused on Biology and Women’s Studies. Every Wednesday, this pop culture maven will review music, books, movies, you name it. So if you have something that needs reviewing…you know who to go to.
We’re super excited to have her on and to defer to her judgment on all things pop.

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  • noname

    Hi Angie

  • Mandy G

    Hi and welcome!

  • azila

    Hi Angie! Where in Wisconsin are you based?

  • noname ii
    ^Learn to read the applicable before commenting on an old issue, Hujo.

  • norbizness

    Finally, someone I can steal material from! I mean, welcome, Angie!

  • Angie

    Hey everyone! Wow, thanks for the abundance of welcomes. I’m going to start posting tomorrow and I’d love to have your comments and suggestions on future reviews. Happy to be working for you!

  • Hujo

    Hi Angie (i like your shirt)
    (Jess if you are going to censor me, you might want to censor the responses to my posts.)
    Bye feministing : (

  • Jessica

    Angie, I can’t think of a better way for you to see the randomness of our threads and the tenacity of our trolls. ;)
    Welcome aboard.

  • noname

    noname ii – Thanks for changing your name.

  • bex

    ANGIE! congrats lady. i’ll miss you at all feminist summer fun gatherings (wednesday at uprise), but thank goodness i can read yr goodness every wednesday here! at feministing!

  • norbizness

    I’m just disappointed that your soon-to-be evicted troll took its name from a Simpsons reference (when Homer asked Bart if he wanted to change his name to Homer, Junior, or “Hujo”)

  • angryleft

    Wow. In a year this place’ll probably have like 10 bloggers.
    Are you going to be reviewing things from a feminist perspective or just reviewing them?

  • Amy

    Hi Angie!
    I just a read a decent book called Widow’s War by Sally Gunning. It’s fiction, but it deals a bit with property law and widow’s thirds. It takes place in Cape Cod, Mass., circa 1760.

  • Patriarch Verlch

    Wow and pretty pretty too, come over to my blog at, perhaps we can hit it off!!!

  • Jenny Dills

    I thought her name was angie, yo? jk. I’m so proud of angie and can’t wait for Wednesdays.

  • noname

    Whatever happened to Angie?

  • TheTruth

    Maybe she’s in line to get tickets to the Mates of State show at the castle?

  • Bloomberg

    The shows like La Reve? ‘As an exercise in sheer power they’re unbeatable.’ ‘La Reve is a new world of dreams that will alter the theatre-goers experience of theatre forever.’ Franco Dragone, the artistic director ‘has presented us with dazzling images that stir the senses and the soul’. The stores in Squaw Valley are not just stores, they’re the backdrop for shoppertainment. At the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian, singing gondoliers whisk shoppers down a winding canal and street performers distract those on foot. The Desert Passage at the Aladdin has a Moroccan bazaar theme in its mall and a thunderstorm that explodes every half hour. At the Forum Caesar’s Palace you walk past gigantic fountains, statues, colonnades, animatronic Bacchus and Venus sculptures, and a spiral-shaped escalator – ‘all to get a sense of the real spectacle: the stores themselves’.