Cause vagina blood is for heathens

From Broadsheet
we learn that towns that the Pope will be visiting this summer are planning on banning a number of unholy things–including alcohol, some desserts, and tampon commercials.
Because Catholics don’t have vaginas.

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  • norbizness

    Oh man, that didn’t teach us that in Southern Baptist Health class.

  • missj5

    good thing i’m not catholic.

  • Manda

    I really wish the biggest problem facing the Catholic (or any other) Church was an ad for Tampax.
    On a side note: Can you please find more stories related to menstration? I never get tired of seeing the happy little stuffed tampon. Maybe she could end up being a back-up feministing logo. A happy little tampon flipping the bird… perfect!

  • annie

    I can’t even begin to express how infuriating it is that somehow, religion is again going to decide what’s allowed in a city. I happen to live in a town where a similar thing happens annually, with an influx of “Christians” (read: no good values to be found, but we must bow to their whims, including the ones about ‘purity’…)
    It’s not just Catholics that don’t have vaginas though – according to the pope, my intelligence, right to choice, sexuality and bodily functions don’t exist, never mind what gender or religion I am!