Kansas gives out breastfeeding cards

And they’re laminated and everything.
This is too great. In a move to aid breastfeeding moms against those who find feeding babies objectionable, Kansas health officials are giving out cards with a message: “A mother may breast-feed in any place she has a right to be.”
The cards are part of a public education campaign surrounding Kansas’ new law protecting women’s right to breastfeed in public. The initiative is being run by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the La Leche League.

“The law is really no good unless moms know about it,” said Brenda Bandy, professional liaison for La Leche League of Kansas. “These cards are handy, they’re durable, and they might just be the little bit of added confidence some moms need.”

If a woman is asked to leave a public place for breastfeeding, the back of the card has numbers where she can report the incident.
Looks like the lactivists are doing pretty well for themselves! Sweet.
Via Broadsheet.

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  • pamps

    on a somewhat related note, many new yorkers may not realize that baring breasts for ANY reason (not just breast feeding), due to case law, is a protected action in the state of New York.
    Not too many take “advantage” of this, obviously. In all jurisdictions I am aware of, the right of women to breastfeed trumps anybody’s “offense” at same behavior. Iow, tough if it offends you. It’s a right. However, NY makes the bearing of men’s and women’s breasts in public a right – period
    just thought that was an interesting aside.
    not only is this a basic civil rights issue (imo), but clearly a health issue as well, since study after study proves the superiority of breast milk over any human concocted substitute
    sadly, the invention of “formulas” and other breast milk subsitutes probably did far more to hurt the health of children than even some of the more nasty junk foods some parents feed their (older) children.