Weekly Feminist Reader

ABC News fuels the “Mommy Wars.” Meanwhile, more firms are staying in touch with prized workers who took maternity leave.
Some Bach works may actually have been written by his second wife.
Women cleaners are suing the NY Stock Exchange for sexual harassment. The $51-million lawsuit alleges one woman was told, “Baby, you need some beef on that ass and then you would be perfect for me.”
A group of gay gun enthusiasts call themselves the Pink Pistols. Their motto? “Armed gays don’t get bashed.” (Has it come to this?)
Kenya considers passing its version of a Violence Against Women Act. It took female legislators to make this happen.
A sex worker (who’s also a blogger and author) may be changing Brazilian attitudes toward sex.
Rick Santorum holds a forum for professional women, and manages not to mention he thinks they all should be stay-at-home moms.
After a judge denied a Department of Justice motion to reduce charges against three of four US marines accused of raping a 22-year-old Filipina in November, the four accused refused to file a plea during their arraignment.
More than a third of American women are clinically obese.
NYPD cracks down on brothels in Queens, and undercovers a major sex slavery problem.
Many breast cancer survivors stop getting mammograms.
Prohibitively high prices for sanitary towels are forcing thousands of women in Zimbabwe to use old newspapers, rags, tissue paper or even leaves during menstruation. Vaginal infections have increased as a result.
Chastity jewelry makes the perfect present for Daddy’s Lil’ Virgin. Shudder.
The Duke rape case is being tried in the court of public opinion.
Womens E-News covers the REAL hot 100!

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  • http://www.motherpie.com H.A. Page

    Good post you have… Here is something I wrote Dead White Girls and Media Voyeurship…but not sure if it is feminist but would certainly think that it keeps one (women, especially) from thinking much at all…about anything.
    Cheers. Hattie

  • Shel

    Why is “More than a third of American women are clinically obese” feminist news?

  • Ann

    Why is “More than a third of American women are clinically obese” feminist news?

    Women’s health issues are of interest to me as a feminist.

  • Life

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