The new Howard Stern. With tits.

I happened to see a billboard a few blocks away from house the other day and almost barfed. While I’ve listened to New York’s 92.3 KROCK’s music here and there, I was a bit shocked to see a huge picture of the woman above, The RadioChick, and the two sentences that threw me for a loop.
“Built like a woman. Thinks like a man.�
I checked out her site and it doesn’t get much better. The first program description I read was about The Chick on Chicks, where she assures men that she’ll help them with their “women� issues, including:

“Want to cheat on your girl and not get caught? She’ll tell you how. Maybe your girlfriend is pressuring you to get married, and you’re not ready…the chick will tell you how to string her along successfully.â€?

Other shows include Gay for a Grand, The Wheel of Wife Beaters, and The Flaming Stripper BBQ. While I haven’t been able to find specifics of the programs, I’m anticipating that they aren’t too tasteful.
Has anyone heard this chick (ha, that was totally accidental) on the air?

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