Professor and students charged with destroying anti-choice display

Sally Jacobsen, the Northern Kentucky University professor who was put on leave for encouraging her students to destroy an anti-choice display, has been charged along with her students with criminal mischief, theft by unlawful taking and criminal solicitation. Yikes.

Jacobsen is accused of encouraging her students to dismantle a display of 400 crosses that were set up by a campus anti-abortion group. The crosses were supposed to symbolize aborted fetuses.
The six students were charged with criminal mischief and theft by unlawful taking.

Originally there was some confusion as to if Jacobsen took part in the destruction or just urged her students to do so. Apparently though, the student newspaper published pics of her destroying the display. Again, let’s leave the property destruction and harassment tactics to the anti-choicers. I know shit is frustrating, but we’re better than that.

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  • Zaij

    You get people who go too far on both sides of the debate, I guess.

  • Kyra

    I wish they’d settled for a counter-display. And if they’re stupid enough to take pictures of themselves committing a crime, they deserve what they get.

  • Erin

    Yeah, that’s really too bad they went too far, especially a professor encouraging her students. We are certainly better than that.

  • K.

    Of course I don’t condone the professor’s actions, but I got a small (sad) chuckle after reading this.
    As a WST/Lit graduate student at a fairly large jesuit institution I see these displays everyday and it takes all of my will power to not run through them screaming – and while I’d love to say that counter demonstration has made any sort of impact, it certainly hasn’t here.

  • Patriarch Verlch

    Good thing feminists haven’t gotten ahold of any nuclear bombs, we would all be aborted at this very moment.