Casual sex is for the lost and drunk.

A recent study has shown that 9 out of 10 women say that they believe one-night stands are immoral. While they didn’t condemn the sluts, er, I mean women who decide to engage in casual sex, they felt that they do so due to “something lacking in their lives” or because “they had got drunk or high on drugs.”
Because no emotionally stable or sober women would ever have sex purely for pleasure or anything.
The most infuriating thing about this study is that the research involved interviews from a whopping 46 women.

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  • nottrue

    It’s immoral because it’s socially unacceptable to engage in sex with someone without at least some token introduction, whether first party or second party … once introduction takes place, the one-night stand label tends to be null and void as they invariable follow you home. Men are perverse like that!

  • Starla

    “something lacking in their lives”
    Yeah, sex! But they solved that problem with the one night stand!

  • ThePolynomial

    I definitely want to see the original wording of the question…I somehow doubt 9/10 were asked “Are one-night stands immoral?” and responded “Yes.”


    Or maybe women figured out it’s useless to engage in a one night stand as most men are incompetent and selfish lovers.
    So besides the very real risk of messing up their hair and makeup along with the stray case of crabs or a worse social disease, what’s the point????

  • Sara

    I personally think if you guys had more sex you might not hate the world that much… get over it

  • eponymous

    One wonders how many of those 46 women have engaged in one-night-stands and, gasp, enjoyed them…
    Personally, I don’t like one-night-stands as the sex is usually nervous and not as fun as, say, the third or fourth or fifth time you do it. But, that’s my personal preference and far be it for me to project my own desires and hang-ups on other people…

  • Angie

    They got all that from 46? I’m more interested in their casual sex definition. One night stands aren’t my thing, but a good friend with benefits, that’s a different matter all together. And both are still “casual sex”.
    But I guess they feel I’m lacking something in my life now.

  • NBarnes

    46 women and they’re making statistical claims? Rubbish!

  • HeyKatie

    Immoral is not the term I would use – it is not immoral. But one night stands can be empty for some people – and I don;t buy into the ‘ladette’ culture myself. I think a quick fix can sometimes be more harm than good. So my advice would just be – if you are likely to get hurt – don’t do it!
    But I wouldn’t dictate my own preferences onto others – it’s not for me to judge them!

  • Sophs

    Was the survey conducted on 46 men as well?
    Or do we still perceive sex as something that a woman “gives up” to a predatorial man, and should therefore be questioned about in terms of morality? (which implies, and this is more derogatory to them than to the supposedly weaker sex, that men would never disapprove of 1-night stands, the witless slobbering automatons of seed-propagation.
    I protest in the name of men and women.
    And I’d also like to know how the phrasing of the survey question defined a 1-night stand. Gay and lesbian stands included, or nay?
    Oooohh, this kind of news makes me angry.

  • shupi

    I know the researchers and I know that it wasn’t a survey and they were not making statistical claims. It was a small scale interview study but the press blew it into something it wasn’t. They wrongly made made the statistical claims.

  • amy_11

    Hi vannessa, I think casual sex is immoral.
    I used to agree to casual sex when I was younger and didn’t know how to put myself first. Far from liberating it ended up making me hurt, angry and resentful towards men.
    I do not support casual sex at all. Women who engage in casaul sex tend to have low self-esteem. If you were really pro-woman, then you would be warning women about the dangers of casual sex, and why it is harmful to women.