Equality sucks caption contest

I can’t believe I missed this gem of a graphic used on IWF’s Campus Corner. Classic.
Best caption wins a very fashionable Feministing shirt.

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  • http://norbizness.com norbizness

    “Can you get VD from a unisex bathroom toilet? Click on me to learn more!”
    Actually, I am out of the running, and will not participate in any future caption contests, unless my modeling portfolio is represented. I promise that sales will skyrocket by at least 450%.

  • stu

    Because some women like being trapped between bars!

  • Jessica
  • http://mollysavestheday.blogspot.com molly

    “We’ve already got the vote and vacuum cleaners make our lives so much easier! Who could ask for anything more?!”

  • st3ph

    “Feminism has gone far enough and needs to be stopped. But I expect equal pay for equal work.”

  • http://21stcenturymom.blogspot.com/ 21stCenturyMom

    Equality – it lowers the pedestal. Don’t demand equality – be Special!”

  • Kala

    I’m treated as a second-class citizen by a patriarchial society? (shrug) At least I look good in this pants suit!

  • Paige

    “Read between the lines: IWF doesn’t actually like women.”

  • Kaethe

    My mother gave up everything for the ERA. Why wasn’t I enough?

  • http://f-words.blogspot.com yellownumber5

    You gals don’t need equality – take it from me, Howard Stern.

  • Crys

    The Parity Party: Beware of Girls Gone Wild!

  • msjuliekay

    “Help! I’m trapped in anti-feminist rhetoric and I can’t get out!”

  • B.D.

    Debunking Equality: The startling new book which reveals the hidden ties between artificial sweeteners and artificial feminists.

  • http://antimusicblog.wordpress.com amb

    Putting the “E” back in Equality!

  • maryjanefoxie

    Debunking Equality: What’s wrong with a guilded cage?

  • tragula

    Help! My opinions are corroborated by modern science!

  • Lux Fiat

    “Well how was I supposed to know? You tell Drag Gene Simmons ‘de-bunk,’ and Drag Gene Simmons lifts one thing off of the other! No, save it, never mind, ‘cuz Drag Gene Simmons is out!”