Michelle Bachelet elects gender balanced cabinet

I am really excited about Chile right now. The new president has just hand picked 10 women and 10 men for her cabinet. She also said that her chief of staff will be a woman as well.

“This cabinet represents a historic step for equality between men and women,” Ms Bachelet said. She and her cabinet will be sworn in on 11 March.
The team combined new faces with experience, she said, and reflected the major challenges which lie ahead for Chile.

Some women elected include…

Engineer Vivianne Blanlot was named as the country’s next defence minister, the post held by Ms Bachelet under outgoing President Ricardo Lagos.
Other women appointed include Paulina Veloso as chief-of-staff, Ingrid Antonijevic as economy minister and Clarisa Hardy as planning minister. Maria Soledad Barria will be in charge of health.

What are they running down there? A DEMOCRACY?!
via BBCNews.

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