Michelle Bachelet elects gender balanced cabinet

I am really excited about Chile right now. The new president has just hand picked 10 women and 10 men for her cabinet. She also said that her chief of staff will be a woman as well.

“This cabinet represents a historic step for equality between men and women,” Ms Bachelet said. She and her cabinet will be sworn in on 11 March.
The team combined new faces with experience, she said, and reflected the major challenges which lie ahead for Chile.

Some women elected include…

Engineer Vivianne Blanlot was named as the country’s next defence minister, the post held by Ms Bachelet under outgoing President Ricardo Lagos.
Other women appointed include Paulina Veloso as chief-of-staff, Ingrid Antonijevic as economy minister and Clarisa Hardy as planning minister. Maria Soledad Barria will be in charge of health.

What are they running down there? A DEMOCRACY?!
via BBCNews.

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  • racya

    Maybe I’ll go to Chile when I graduate from college.

  • http://www.myspace.com/methylenedioxy pinkko

    Latin America is looking better and better every day. . .
    Hugo Chavez is the new FDR.

  • Mandy G

    If it were a real democracy, I think that the cabinet should have been elected, not “hand-picked” by her, no?
    Nevertheless, it is exciting to see an equal balance in a government.

  • Zaij

    So it’s better to have a cabinet that’s gender balanced than one that’s competent?

  • http://www.feministing.com Samhita

    It doesn’t sound like an incompetent cabinet.
    That is so typical. Do you have any idea how many incredible, educated, totally qualified women are out there? The second you explicity look for women or people of color to be added to anything, the assumption is that they are somehow not qualified.
    So typical.

  • Zaij

    Sorry? When did I say that the women weren’t qualified? I’m saying that having a cabinet with an equal number of each merely for the sake of gender parity is stupid and detrimental, not that women were stupid or unqualified. For all I know, it could be the male part of the cabinet that’s unqualified and there should be more women on it. Another feminist getting angry and defensive over nothing.
    So typical.

  • http://redneckfeminist.blogspot.com/ drumgurl

    I think the problem, Zaij, is that you *assumed* Bachelet chose those women “merely for the sake of gender parity”. Where in the article does it say that? Sure she says this is an historic step for equality, but she doesn’t say here choices are *merely* for that reason. I’m sure she lots of reasons for those choices.
    So whose thong is really in a wad here? So typical.

  • Zaij

    Then why all the hype on feminist sites? This is hyped as a huge step for equality, but is that the right thing to do? Should the nations leaders be picked by political correctness? At no stage did I say that the women would be inferior in their jobs or what have you. Again, maybe it’s the men. A member of an equality movement focussing only on the problems of women.
    So typical for a feminist.

  • http://redneckfeminist.blogspot.com/ drumgurl

    Um… where did I accuse you of saying the women were inferior? I only used an exact quote from you, nothing else.
    Also, where did I say cabinet members should be chose by political correctness? Where are you getting this stuff??
    If this is a big deal on feminist sites, it’s probably because the *effect* of her cabinet choices is equality. That is different from gender equality being the *cause*.
    When Bush chose his cabinet, there was a lot of media hoopla about all the women and minorites he chose. Did you get a wedgie over that, too?
    Please, check your facts before responding to me next time.