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Boys, bias, and the danger of glitter

TweetIt’s been super-trendy recently to cover the “gender imbalance” in colleges and how poor boys are getting the shit end of the education stick. Now, it seems our evil feminist plan has spread over to high schools. Sigh. The Boston Globe recently reported on Doug Anglin, a 17 year-old at Milton High School who has [...]
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Useless study no. 4,356

TweetResearch shows that women’s brains are “wired” for worrying. Um, yeah. Tweet
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New test tells women their reproductive “expiration date”

TweetA new test claims to be able to tell women how long they will be fertile. Or as some oh-so-enlightened folks would say, it gauges women’s reproductive “expiration date.” The kit assesses the number of eggs in a woman’s ovaries and then predicts the ovarian reserves over the next two years. This will help women [...]
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Kidman to work on women’s issues for UN

Tweet Actress Nicole Kidman, recently appointed a goodwill ambassador for the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), will work on women’s rights and gender equality. But Kidman–and UNIFEM–are dodging questions on abortion: “In terms of where I stand (on abortion), that is my private belief,” Kidman said at UN headquarters in New York. “I’m here [...]
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Gender mixed marathon run peacefully in Pakistan

TweetWith a whole lot of security, 500 women were able to successfully participate in one of Pakistan’s historically male dominated marathon events. Islamic protesters had demanded women be barred from taking part, arguing their presence ran counter to Islam. But correspondents say such events are important to Pakistan’s government, keen to seem a moderate Islamic [...]
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