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Feminist Playwright Wendy Wasserstein dies

Tweet Wendy Wasserstein died yesterday at the age of 55 from complications due to lymphoma. She wrote a number of plays that approached feminist issues, and won the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award for “The Heidi Chronicles” (1986). Her final play, “Third,” recently closed at Lincoln Center. Tweet
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It’s a homophobic world after all.

TweetJust because I’m not too surprised about this doesn’t mean it’s any less upsetting to hear. It was reported yesterday that the Bush administration is rejecting consultative status of the United Nations to two LGBT organizations. In response, 39 organizations have written a letter to Condoleeza Rice, requesting an explanation for the decision. Last year, [...]
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On Target

TweetRemember the Target pharmacist in Fenton, Missouri who refused to dispense emergency contraception? Fashionable, pro-choice discount shoppers rejoice! Target seems to have responded to the deluge of letters they received. The store now requires its pharmacists to sign a “conscience policy” – in which they agree to fill or refer EC prescriptions. And what about [...]
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Boy fights to wear skirt to school

TweetI totally kicked it with the kind of boys that would have worn a skirt to high school. I remember like it was yesterday. via Salon. Tweet
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Update on Iraqi female detainees

TweetBroadsheet elaborates on what seems to be women being used as bait between Iraqi insurgents and US troops in this *hostage* situation. Apparently the US Army has been kidnapping the wives of suspected insurgents to use as bait. Lovely. (So who does have bigger balls?) As they ask, And we wonder why Iraqi insurgents think [...]
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