No ring, no baby

Del. Robert Marshall of Virginia is sponsoring a bill in the state legislature that would forbid unmarried women from using reproductive technology to get pregnant.
While Virginia’s HB187 was written particularly with lesbians in mind, this bill would prevent any unmarried woman (can’t let the lezzies have all the fun!) from “certain intervening medical technology” that “completely or partially replaces sexual intercourse as the means of conception.” So basically: no dick, no deal.
Marshall has also sponsored measures to ban same-sex marriage and strictly limit abortions. So he’s an all-around asshole. Good to know.
Something similar went down in Indiana recently.
By the way, if you’d like to vent some outrage you can find Marshall’s contact info here.

Via DED Space.

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  • Jami

    there are non-lesbian women who (also) just haven’t met the right man who might like to have a family as well.
    the family and moral values on these republicans are really fucked up. you can have children by twenty different guys, so long as you promise god you’ll stand by the asshole/bore 4-ever. and then alls you have to do is break that promise to god. easy as pie!
    (sorry if this double posted. feministing is the worst blog for accidentally handing one’s e-mail address to spamming address-harvesters. just trying to avoid that.)

  • Jessica

    sorry about that, we’re changing things up on the site soon so all this comment nonsense etc should be over soon. sigh.

  • Nymphalidae

    It really is just about control. If women can have babies by just visiting the sperm bank, then there isn’t any control being exerted by men.